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Choose Your 123Hp Printer Model For Wireless installation And Driver Support

123 hp envy printer

Envy Printers are a series of hp printers that are superior from deskjet printer series. They are mostly preferred for home or personal usage purposes. The Envy Photo printers equally attracts home and small business consumers with its superior printer quality. Envy printers are also a part of hp inkjet printers but are more efficient when compared to the deskjet printer series. These printer’s comes with LED touch displays for it setup and usage navigation which can be challenging for first timers but you can always get your instructions and drivers at Select your printer model from the link below.

123 hp deskjet printer

Deskjet Printers series are a set of very compact printers that are suitable for scarce printing and are very much suitable for economic printing without compromising the quality of print. Initially it was a hp printer series that had models which can just print but these days printers are all-in-one’s that is prepared with scan and copy options. Deskjet printers are affordable which can satisfy all your needs with good print quality for your moderate printer utilization. You would be able to setup your deskjet printer by downloading the printer drivers from Select your printer from the link below.

123 hp officejet printer

Officejet Printers are mostly preferred in the commercial circle. But nowadays it attracts more and more home users who are looking for an efficient printer with better printing speed and quality as well. OfficeJet printer usually have print, scan, copy and fax functionalities that makes it more useful when compared to other series. They are quite affordable for people who are looking for a commercial use hp printer with all the above functionalities. Wireless is an added advantage where you connect the printer easily to multiple devise once it has been setup. Select your printer model from the link below.

123 hp officejet pro printer

Officejet Pro printer is as said a series of professional printers that are mostly put to use where there’s a need for high volume and fast printing is required. These hp inkjet printers don’t come cheap but they are worth every penny you send because of their efficiency and functionalities that they come with. All OfficeJet Pro printers have the ability to copy, fax, scan and print (double-sided printing included). Very few home users get these printers just to make use of its efficiency and who maintain a home office. OfficeJet Pro printers have a wide range of connectivity options such as USB, Ethernet, Wireless, and WiFi-Direct. Select your printer model from the link below.

Our Focus on HP Printer Support

To Setup 123 HP Printer First Time  

  • Take off the tapes on the printer and then clear out the packing materials within the hp printer.
  • Plug in the power cord and turn the 123 hp printer on.
  • Set your preferences on the 123 hp printer setup control panel.
  • Pull up the cartridge access door to install the cartridges in its slots after lifting the lids on them.
  • Draw out the paper tray to insert a stack of paper and then slide it back in.
  • Take the alignment page which the hp printer prints and position it on the scanner glass to scan it.

To Download HP Software And Drivers – Installation Setup

  • Type in the name of your 123hp printer issues in the search box of the or PRINTER Support website.
  • Click on the Software and drivers tab.
  • Click Go to proceed.
  • The website displays the software and drivers once you pick your operating system and your version.
  • Download and run the file to install it.

How To Setup 123 Hp Printer To Wireless ?

To setup your printer driver setup on the hp wireless setup network to which your computer is connected, press the wireless icon. Go to settings on your hewlett packard printer control panel and open the Hp All In One Printer Wireless Setup Wizard. Follow the prompts to complete the setup

hp wireless setup technical support Provide you a Solutions For:


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Hewlett Packard Troubleshooting Setup

Steps To Replacing Ink Cartridges for HP Printer

  • Open the hp ink cartridge access door and the cartridge slot lids.
  • Hold down the cartridge that needs a replacement, to release it from its slot.
  • Install the new, unpacked ink cartridge into that slot.
  • Push till the cartridge snaps into place and then secure the cartridge lids before you close the cartridge access door.
  • Take the alignment page and scan it.

123 HP Printer Fixing Print Quality Issues Setup

  • Work with genuine 123HP PRINTER ink cartridges, ColorLok papers and 123HP PRINTER setup Advanced Photo Paper for enhanced, consistent print quality.
  • To check ink levels touch the ink con on the printer control panel. Replace any cartridges low on ink.
  • Open Setup on the hp-123 printer installation control panel. Under Tools, select Clean Cartridges. Identify the problem ink cartridge causing the defects on the Print Quality Diagnostic Page and replace it.

Print Jobs Stuck In Print Queue (Windows)

When your print jobs get stuck in the print queue try the below listed possible solutions for

  • Open the Print Spooler and click Restart.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the 123 hp printer setup. Reconnect it back after a while and attempt printing.
  • If your connection type is USB photosmart printer connection, then disconnect the USB cable. Reconnect it back after a while and attempt printing.
  • Attempt resolving the issue using 123HP PRINTER Print and Scan Doctor.
  • Attempt printing after unchecking both Pause Printing and Use 123 hp printer Offline in the print queue window.
  • Attempt printing after setting your photosmart printer as the default 123 hp printer under Devices and 123 printers.
  • Disable your system firewall and then attempt printing. If the problem remains unresolved, re-enable the firewall and proceed to the next step.
  • Go to Devices and printers and remove your 123 printer setup from the list. Re-install your 123 Download printer software after you restart your computer and then attempt printing.
  • Try printing from another application to make sure that the problem doesn’t lie with the application you were earlier attempting to print from.

Print Jobs Stuck In Print Queue (Mac)

When your print jobs get stuck in the print queue try the below listed possible solutions:

  • If your connection type is USB driver setup printer connection, then disconnect the USB cable. Reconnect it back after a while and attempt printing.
  • If your connection type is wireless, turn off the router and the hp printer driver installation. Turn them on again and attempt printing.
  • If under 123 hp printer and Scanner, there are multiple 123 printer queues, delete all except for the one belonging to your 123 printer issues and attempt printing.
  • Remove your hewlett packard printer from the list and then attempt printing after adding it back to the Print Using
  • Disconnect the power cord from the 123 hp download printer. Reconnect it back after a while and attempt printing.
  • If the aforementioned solutions do not resolve the issue, reset the printing system.
  • In the System File Checker, enter the command prompt: SFC/scannow to detect any issues with system files and perform repairs.Try printing from another user account to make sure that the account you were earlier attempting to print from has the necessary permissions.